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Welcome to the

Rural Engagement Project.

We are here to build voter engagement and education in rural Oregon and to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. We embrace rational, civic-minded rural values by modeling inclusion, respect, and fairness, and by empowering forward-thinking rural candidates to run for and hold elected office.

What We're Working On

As of October 2022, the Rural Engagement Project is working on the following initiatives:

  1. bringing public banking to Oregon, through a partnership with the Oregon Public Banking Alliance,
  2. a new legislative concept that would work to prevent suicides in rural communities,
  3. a new legislative concept that would change the process of plea deals for those who commit acts of domestic or intimate partner violence, and
  4. working with small towns and rural communities to improve their access to infrastructure money for water and local transportation.

If there’s an issue you’d like us to look at, please contact us!

We did it!

In September 2021, the Rural Engagement Project brought together city, county, state and federal leadership to address a brewing crisis in the City of Monroe. Through that meeting and subsequent communications, Monroe has been able to secure the funding it needs for new water and waste water treatment systems that will bring them into compliance with state and federal regulations and keep clean drinking water available to its residents.

A special thank you goes to House District 23 Representative Anna Scharf for her thorough and thoughtful work on behalf of the City of Monroe and her partnership with the Rural Engagement Project. Thanks also go to Benton County Commissioners Xan Augerot, Pat Malone, and Nancy Wyse for their dedication to serving the people of Monroe and Benton County.

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Top Issues According to Voters

Monmouth University Poll, September 2022
Strengthening the Economy
Improving Political System
Providing Good Jobs

The Rural Engagement Project aims to amplify the voices of rural Oregonians. The power to make changes that better the lives of our families and neighbors starts at home.

Kelie McWilliams

Executive Director
Paid for by the Rural Engagement Project
P.O. Box 393, Independence, OR 97351
How Can You Help